What sort of Glass can I use?

Whatever is called for doing the job. Preferably tempered because it is much stronger than standard glass. Tempered glass can be surface sandblasted but not deep carved. If carving is desired the glass would be tempered after the etching is done.



Cost depends not so much the size of the glass but the complexity of the design. Each job is individually priced.


Amount of time to complete a job?

Once the design is decided upon, the time to complete is anywhere from 2-4 weeks


How to choose a design

  1. Can use any previously created design.
  2. Can work with the customer to create an idea and do sketches.
  3. Can match designs off of wallpaper, tile, cloth, or any other theme.
  4. Can choose any design or drawings from previous jobs.

There is no limit of designs since everything is custom made.


Can existing glass be sandblasted?

While it can be done it is not normally the process. Sandblasting makes a terrible mess and most people would prefer it not done in their house. The first choice is to replace the window, next would be to have an insert installed if possible. The last choice is to sandblast on site but is both messy and more expensive.


Will it allow enough light to shine in?

Etched glass is the same as the difference between a frosted lightbulb and a clear one.


Does it matter which side of the glass is etched?

Normally the side with the least traffic is the etched side, ie. a pantry door would have the inside of the pantry etched. When an insulated window is made the etching would be on the inside piece of glass facing inward towards the dead air space. With a shower enclosure the outside would be etched to avoid soap and water marks building up.