Premiere Etched Glass in the Pacific Northwest

Joy Miller is the premiere artist in the Pacific Northwest for creating original art on glass using sandblasting techniques. Located just outside of Seattle, Washington.

How can you add privacy, yet bring in more natural light, while adding a rich custom touch that makes the home you build stand out in the buyer's mind? With etched glass panels!


Etched glass is an excellent way to provide both beauty and privacy. For example, in windowed entries, it allows a view of the visitor, while maintaining privacy for those within. The waiting visitor is shown a work of art before the door even opens.    


Koi Pond on Mirror

Use etched glass to divide dining from living areas or screen an entryway. Glass separates an area without isolating it. Other applications include shower doors, hot tub enclosures, bathroom windows, glass doors and kitchen cabinets.

Etched art on sliding glass doors is an elegant way to prevent an accidental walk-through, while enhancing the view beyond the glass. Where a window looks out on any less-than-appealing- view, etched glass can turn an eyesore into a centerpiece.

HouseShots140 TN TN

If you need to bring daylight into a room, consider sandblasted glass, as it produces a soft, white glow. The tiny pits blasted into the glass refract and diffuse the light, producing brilliant, glare free illumination.

When you work with the artist you can create a design that reflects the ambiance of the home, be it traditional or contemporary, chic or homey. Each piece is a work of art that doesn't hang on the wall--it is the wall, making a lasting statement about the quality of the home.